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CNN's Jake Tapper talks about 'agnostic' journalism


CNN should be on their knees thanking God every day that former ABC White House Correspondent Jake Tapper joined their network earlier this year. More than most news anchors today, Tapper reflects an "old school"-style journalism, where reporters report the facts without proselytizing or trying to pass off political rhetoric as "news."

Speaking with Mediaite, Tapper acknowledges that he has earned the trust of conservatives and liberals by striving to remain as "agnostic as possible, politically":

“I really try to find things that are new, interesting and under-covered – underreported,” Tapper said. “I think drones, Benghazi are legitimate stories. I think asking questions about reading Tsarnaev his rights and mirandizing him are legitimate questions to ask. I think coverage of [KermitGosnell in Philadelphia is legitimate and interesting.”

“It’s gratifying to be praised by people on the right and the left in this media environment, but the truth of the matter is that even if they were criticizing me, I’d be doing the same show,” Tapper asserted.

“That’s just, before I became a journalist, the kind of news consumer I was. So, that’s the kind of anchor and reporter I am as well,” he related. “I don’t understand people who only want to hear one point of view in their journalism. It doesn’t make sense to me. I know there are people like that, I hear from them on Twitter, but I don’t know why people wouldn’t want to have their assumptions challenged.”

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