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Space Oddity': International Space Station Commander Reprises David Bowie's Classic...240 Miles above the Earth


"Can you hear me, Major Tom?"

(Credit: YouTube)

International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield has become something of an Internet celebrity for exploits such as videotaping himself washing his hands in space and showing what happens when you wring out a washcloth in zero gravity. Indeed, the Canadian astronaut boasts 770,000 Twitter followers.

But his latest project is, as they say, out of this world.

In between space walks and other minor tasks, Hadfield manged to put together a music video of his rendition of David Bowie's classic single, "Space Oddity," according to Variety.

(Credit: YouTube)

In the video Hadfield strums his acoustic guitar, views the heavens from his "tin can far above the world," and floats while reaching the Thin White Duke's falsetto in passable fashion (for an astronaut).

(Credit: YouTube)

Hadfield's cover of the 1969 tune is something of a last hurrah, as today he gave command of the ISS to Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov.

(Credit: YouTube)

And it looks like two thumbs up from Bowie himself, who posted the video on his Facebook fan page.

Now, without further ado..."Can you hear me, Major Tom?"

(H/T: Variety)

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