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I Swear I Will Kill You...F**k You': Conservative Comedian Gets Death Threats Following Anti-Muhammad Video


"I hope you die choking on [your] own blood."

Comedian Steven Crowder's "Jesus vs. Muhammad" video has already attracted more than 140,000 views. And, as was expected, he's getting a harsh response from individuals who are offended by the statements and quips it includes. In addition to threats, profanity and insults are being thrown his way.

Again, considering the video's content and subject matter, this is no surprise. As previously reported, TheBlaze spoke with Crowder on Wednesday to ask about his motivation for making the anti-Muhammad video. Today, we followed up to learn more about the response he's receiving.

Crowder said that, so far, he's observed mostly generic threats against him and his family. These seem to mostly be coming from social media sites. Throughout the day, he has been tweeting and sharing some of the most comical and troublesome of the comments. Here's just a sampling (WARNING: Graphic language):

Two of the other threats, according to Crowder's tweets, read, "I swear I will kill you ... f**k you" and "I hope you die choking on ur own blood :) u f**kin piece of s**t" (spelling and grammar kept in tact).

And one of the more intriguing responses comes from YouTube user SEEEMSLEGIT. Earlier today the user posted a comment on Crowder's video that read, "Watch steven. I hope u get shot" (circled below). Earlier, this same user, commenting about the brutal attack that was allegedly undertaken by Islamic radicals in London, wrote, "Don't blame the religion. It does NOT teach killing" (also circled below).

Screen shot from YouTube

In addition to the insults and threats, Crowder noted that many people are trying to have his video taken down from YouTube by having it "flagged" as inappropriate. The comedian also shared an e-mail he received from the video-sharing site.

"I did receive a notice from YouTube, claiming that there were complaints [that] I was violating law by not having closed captions on my video, which has never happened before," he said in an e-mail to TheBlaze (he received a second notice later on in the day, which he also shared with us).

For more of the insults and threats waged against Crowder, visit Twitchy. We'll leave you with the video that sparked the initial controversy:



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