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Do You Recognize the Popular Hollywood Star in This Odd 70's-Themed Music Video Calling for Separation of Church and State?


"We're 'Church' and 'State' and we need to separate, because we're all up on each other and we're hurting one another..."

Photo Credit: YouTube/Americans United

Do you recognize the popular actress who stars in an odd, new music video intended to rail against the intermingling of religion and government. Here's a hint: she's on a popular television show about a high school glee club (her image is below).

Photo Credit: YouTube/Americans United

If you guessed Jane Lynch (from "Glee"), then you're correct. She is joined by fellow actor Jordan Peele ("MADtv") in a new video that was produced for and by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a church-state separatist group. The spoof music video advocates for the removal of faith from the public square and is entitled, "Jane Lynch and Jordan Peele: Epic Church-State Breakup."

A press release announcing the 1970s-themed video notes that Lynch, who wears a blonde wig in the clip, represents "Church" and Peele plays "State." The two sing a song about how they are not meant for one another. Separation, they argue (i.e. a breakup), is for the best.

The metaphor, based on the lyrics and presentation, is quite evident: Religion and government must remain separated from one another.

The use of such prominent actors -- individuals who are known for their comic relief -- is intriguing and an obvious effort on the part of Americans United to appeal to the masses.

Here's just a sampling of the lyrics: "We're Church and State and we need to separate, because we're all up on each other and we're hurting one another -- and it's causing hate. Been together for way too long. You're rights have been my wrongs We need to separate. Church and State."

At one point, Lynch ("Church") gives communion to Peele ("State"). At another, she holds up the Bible, while he hides behind a constitutional law book. Both sing into old-styled microphones throughout.

"We couldn’t be more pleased to have incredibly talented professionals of this caliber working with Americans United to protect individual rights for all," Americans United Executive Director Rev. Barry W. Lynn said in the statement. "This video tackles a serious issue in a provocative and playful way."

Watch the controversial video, below:



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