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What Have 2013 College Grads Learned in School?


"Part-time jobs [taught me] exponentially more than what I've paid for..."

What have 2013 college graduates learned from their four years of study in America's institutions of higher learning?

If the statements of recent graduates on TheBlaze TV Friday night are reflective of the whole -- not as much as they would've hoped.

"Although some classes in my degree are going to help me with the general outline, on-the job training and part-time jobs [taught me] exponentially more than what I've paid for," one former student said.

On Friday's episode of the Glenn Beck Program, Beck spent an hour in a question and answer session with 2013 graduates to "get an idea of where they are, what they've learned, and what they think is in store."

He also imparted words of wisdom he has accumulated in his own years, some of which were picked up as recently as this week.

Glenn related the comments of bestselling author Andy Andrews, who has spoken at the request of four different U.S. presidents and was on the Glenn Beck Program Tuesday that, "If you are fitting in, you're average.  At best, you will be the top of the average, but you're still average..."

But in specific terms, what did these students learn about American history?  Or citizenship?

One student said the content of his assigned studies was "pretty much about slavery."

Those who had their own opinions about why America is special and unique said their opinions were formed personally, and not based on their teachings.

"If you don't want the world to change you, you have to be rock solid and change it," Beck said, using examples from his own life to educate the recent graduates.

Watch below to see more of the program, via TheBlaze TV:

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