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How Dare He Put the Burden on Her?!': Megyn Kelly Goes Off on Dem Rep. Who Grilled Targeted Tea Party Leaders


"They so screw it up at the IRS in Cincinnati and Washington..."

(Fox News)

(Fox News)

A fired-up Megyn Kelly on Tuesday expressed her outrage at Rep. Jim McDermott's (D-Wash.) grilling of Tea Party leaders at a House hearing that same day. She blasted the Democrat for trying to "put the burden" on the conservative groups that were targeted instead of holding the IRS completely responsible for its inappropriate actions.

During the hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee, McDermott argued that the Tea Party groups wouldn't have been scrutinized if they didn't apply for tax-exempt status and then participate in "controversial" political activities, seemingly placing some of the blame on them instead of the IRS. His comments resulted in a fiery rebuke from Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who spoke immediately after him.

“Why is that the obligation of the woman from Iowa?" Kelly asked. "They so screw it up at the IRS in Cincinnati and Washington that now the lady from Iowa has to come in before the House Ways and Means Committee and say ‘this is the way it needs to be done’?"

"How dare he put the burden on her?!" she exclaimed.

Watch the segment via Fox News/Mediaite (Kelly's fiery remarks occur at around 6:30):


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