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Watch: These Two News Women Really Don't Seem to Get Along



Meet CBS Philly's Nicole Brewer and Carol Erickson. Brewer is a news anchor and Erickson is a meteorologist.

Together, they bring you the news and the weather -- and what appears to be a boatload of passive aggressive behavior.

Just watch the following video montage and try to tell us these two women aren't taking subtle jabs at each other:

“The CBS 3 anchor and meteorologist have been taking veiled potshots at each other for some time,” Mediaite’s Noah Rothman notes, citing the website responsible for the above montage.

“Noticing a recent icy exchange between the pair, the website went back through the archives and unearthed evidence that, as the The Philly Post describes it, "a 'master class in highly public passive-aggressive behavior,'" Rothman adds.

Now maybe this is just how the two interact. Maybe this is their normal banter and there's nothing passive aggressive about it. Still, if we ever found ourselves caught in the CBS 3 studio with those two, we'd try to get out of there pretty fast.


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