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Would You Rather Wear a 'Digital Tattoo' or Take a Pill Instead of Remembering Your Passwords? Motorola Is Working on It


“Essentially your entire body becomes an authentication token."

(Photo: mc10)

Imagine not having to remember a half a dozen passwords and avoid having to input them countless times per day. Motorola is working on a digital tattoo or a indigestible pill that could do all the password authentication for you -- no memorization or cheat sheet list required.

Motorola’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group Chief Regina Dugan, who was a former DARPA chief, showed off such an electronic tattoo at the recent D11 conference, according to SlashGear.

electronic tattoo (Photo: mc10)

“Essentially your entire body becomes an authentication token,” she said.

Working with the company mc10 to develop a flexible, skin-like tattoo with this capability -- which TheBlaze has seen before but it was used checking medical vital signs -- Motorola is thinking this could someday be the next stage of durable, wearable technology.

SlashGear reported mc10 co-founder Ben Schlatka telling them last year more about the various uses of the electronic tattoo technology and also explaining how it could easily integrate into our everyday life:

“Imagine a kids’ fake tattoo that can sense how our bodies work: data from the heart, the brain, muscles, body temperature – even hydration levels,” Schlatka told SlashGear. “When a sensing technology conforms to the consumer and not the other way around, it can capture more insights for longer periods of time without discomfort or distraction.”

electronic tattoo (Image: mc10)

The pill version of an authentication system by the company Proteus, according to Dugan, is activated when it mixes with one's body chemistry after being swallowed and produces what SlashGear described as "an 18-bit ECG-like signal."

electronic pill Showing off the size of such a pill. (Image via SlashGear)

Watch Dugan talk about the technology, which is still years away, in this video:

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