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Blaze Poll: At What Age Should Young Girls Be Allowed to Buy The 'Morning-After' Pill?


"As a result, a pill that contains a high dose of hormones will be as easy for a young girl to buy as a pack of gum."

A decision about access to the "morning-after" birth control pill has inspired spirited debates between abortion advocates and pro-life supporters. The pill, also known as "Plan-B" has also raised serious questions about a parent's rights.Plan-B Abortion pill

Some of the controversy was due to a shift in the Obama administration's thinking on the controversial topic. It was initially believed that the White House would appeal the decision in the interest of keeping parents involved in the healthcare decisions of their minor children. However, once the court's decision was rendered, the White House dropped all plans for an appeal.

Many on the Left cheered this news. Liberal thinkers believe that children should be allowed to purchase this drug without parental knowledge, without a prescription or even the consultation of a doctor.

On TheBlaze Contributors page, Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee, Sharon Day wrote about some of the tough restrictions placed on a teen's access to common drugs like Sudafed and Advil.

You have to be 18 to buy Sudafed, arguably a much safer drug. A girl has to visit the school nurse just to get Advil or aspirin. If you have a sinus infection, you have to get a prescription just for antibiotics.  Isn’t there a dangerous and troubling double standard here? As a result, a pill that contains a high dose of hormones will be as easy for a young girl to buy as a pack of gum.

MRC's Dan Joseph wanted to ask the American people about the topic, so he took his camera to the National Mall in Washington and started asking questions.

We have not seen much reporting on the public opinion on the issue, so we invite you to participate by commenting below or answering the questions in our Blaze poll.


(H/T: MRC)

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