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Cool Belt Allows Men to Experience Baby's Kicks Like Mom -- See Their Emotional Reactions


"He's moving a lot..."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Recent viral videos have shown the reaction of men going through simulated pains of child birth. Another showed a pair of men's reactions just watching a birth. Here's the flip side: men experiencing a less painful pregnancy sensation -- the baby's kick.

The diaper brand Huggies made a belt that allows dad to experience what mom feels when the baby kicks in real time.

Mom wears a sensor-equipped belt to pick up on the movement and dad subsequently feels it through his simulation belt.

Here's a look at some of the dads' reactions to the experience:

This dad was thrilled at the feeling. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

This dad was overwhelmed with emotion. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Another teary father. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Check out the video released just in time for Father's Day Sunday, June 16:

This is not the only tech venture Huggies has embarked on of late either. Huggies Brazil developed an app that, with a sensor, would tweet when baby's diaper was ready to be changed.

See how Huggies' TweetPee app works in this video (Note: it's in Spanish but even if you don't speak it, you'll still get the idea):



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