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Media too close to White House?


This isn't new but it's still jarring every time the web of relationships between the Obama administration and the news media is laid out.

From a Washington Post story that looks at who knows who:

The list of prominent news people with close White House relations includes ABC News President Ben Sherwood, who is the brother of Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, a top national-security adviser to President Obama. His counterpart at CBS, news division president David Rhodes, is the brother of Benjamin Rhodes, a key foreign-policy specialist. CNN’s deputy Washington bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is married to Tom Nides, who until earlier this year was deputy secretary of state under Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Further, White House press secretary Jay Carney’s wife is Claire Shipman, a veteran reporter for ABC. And NPR’s White House correspondent, Ari Shapiro, is married to a lawyer, Michael Gottlieb, who joined the White House counsel’s office in April.

The Post also disclosed its own potential conflicts (one of their Justice Department reporter who is married to the general counsel of the Human Services Department). And the news outlets interviewed for the story say they have policies for any of their staff to recuse themselves from story's they're too close to.

Still. It gives you an idea of how small Washington can be.


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