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German Officials Question Microsoft, Google and Facebook About U.S. Surveillance


Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to raise the issue with Obama when he visits Berlin next week.

This picture taken on May 13, 2013 in the French western city of Rennes shows a woman choosing Google Search (or Google Web Search) web search engine front page on her tablet. A report by a French expert panel published on May 13, 2013 recommended imposing taxes on smartphones and tablets but rejected a call for search engine Google to be charged for linking to media content. The nine-member panel, headed by respected journalist and businessman Pierre Lescure, said in the keenly awaited report that the revenue gained from the proposed new taxes could help fund artistic and creative ventures. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

German ministers questioned Microsoft and Google representatives on Friday about U.S. tracking of web activity, days before a visit to Berlin by President Barack Obama, according to the AP. Facebook sent responses in writing and Apple didn't participate in the meeting.

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Front page photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

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