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Kid Entrepreneurs Donate Earnings and Heartwarming Message to Local Food Bank


Good grief, that’s cute.

People say that it’s better to give than to receive. And three Utah children seem to agree.

Aidan, 8, Sofia, 8, and Zach, 6, run a lemonade stand and business has been pretty good. However, rather than keep all their earnings, they decided to engage in a little philanthropy and cut the Utah Food Bank a check for $36.50.

They even left the food bank this heartwarming note:

Utah Food Bank.

“Impressed with the children’s good deed, and determination to ‘feed the hungry,’ the nonprofit posted the letter to its Facebook page where it, unsurprisingly, has garnered lots of social media love,” the Huffington Post notes.

“Aiden, Sofia and Zach seem to be following in the footsteps of a number of other selfless sellers who wanted to squeeze as much good as they could out of their drink businesses,” HuffPo adds, noting the recent story of Drew Cox, a six-year-old who used him lemonade stand last year to help pay for his father’s medical bills.


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(H/T: Sharlene Oborn).

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