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Caught on Video: Crazy Road-Rage Brawl Unfolds in Middle of the Street as Other Drivers Watch in Disbelief


"Knock it off!"

Dramatic cellphone video captured an intense road-rage altercation between an attorney and a driver in Los Angeles. The incident reportedly occurred after the men exited the freeway, however, it was unclear what caused the fight.

The two men, both furious for some reason, were filmed getting out of their cars and getting in each other's faces. The woman recording the video on her cellphone, Jessica Breuer, expresses her disbelief at what she is seeing in the middle of the street.

Breuer told KABC-TV that attorney Randalf Kincaid got out of his car first and hit the driver of a BMW.

"As I'm sitting there, suddenly the person in the car in front of me leaps out of his car, he runs over to the car in the other lane, and the guy opens his door, and the guy who had run out just starts hitting him," she recalled.

The video does not show the very beginning of the altercation.

Kincaid is then seen punching the driver in the face. At this point, a woman had exited a vehicle and was on her cellphone, presumably to call the police.

In the video, Kincaid is seen walking back to his vehicle, a Volkswagen Beetle, when the driver who he punched in the face suddenly jumps on him and puts him into a chokehold.

At this, two unidentified drivers quickly exited their vehicles and pried the two men apart.

"Knock it off!" one of the men shouts. "What's wrong with you?"

Kincaid, an active member of the State Bar of California, was arrested on battery charges, according to KABC-TV.


(H/T: Daily Mail)

Screenshots via the Daily Mail


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