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This Has to Be the Last Thing an Officer Expects to Happen During a Routine Traffic Stop


Out of nowhere!

(AP Video)

ARANSAS PASS, Texas (TheBlaze/AP) -- A South Texas police officer had to deal with some unexpected monkey business as he wrote a speeding ticket.

A pet monkey bit Aransas (uh-RAN'-zuhs) Pass Officer Keith Moore on the hand in an attack captured on videotape.

KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi reported Thursday that Moore had a video camera on his glasses during the traffic stop.

Watch the funny video:

Moore is seen handing the driver something to sign when a monkey leaps from the back seat, bares its teeth and bites the officer's right hand.

Moore says the monkey "came out of nowhere" during Wednesday's incident. The bite left a mark, but the 21-year-old officer was not hurt otherwise.

(AP Video)

The trained monkey makes appearances at carnivals and other entertainment events.



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