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Report: Dem. Senator Implicated in Another Potential Sex Scandal


Sen. Bob Menendez took a "romantic getaway" with a married newspaper publisher, the latest sex scandal allegation to hit the New Jersey Democrat, the New York Post reported:


The New Jersey Dem and Cecilia Reynolds jetted to Puerto Rico, where they stayed at the isolated beach retreat of the island’s then-governor, Anibal Acevedo Vila.

In a photo provided by the anonymous informant, Reynolds is sitting naked on a beach and suggestively smiling at the camera. In another set of pictures, they take turns posing against the same sunset backdrop.

The happy couple, dressed in shorts, also appeared to tour a national park and pose for a photo at a waterfall, Menendez wrapping his arm around Reynolds’ waist.

A document with copies of the photos along with details of the alleged tryst were provided to media organizations and the National Legal and Policy Center, a Virginia-based ethics watchdog group.

Reynolds, who started the Spanish-language paper Nosotros in 2002, told the Post Friday that "any and all allegations being peddled by a former disgruntled business partner are false and malicious" but did not say who she believes was tipping the media.

Minutes later, Menendez released a statement saying: “These are the same kind of questionably timed smear tactics that we’ve seen before, and we’re not going to dignify them with a comment.”

Menendez was first implicated in a potential sex scandal in October after the Daily Caller reported visited prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Multiple reports subsequently emerged about women coming forward saying they had been paid to lie. Menendez has flatly denied the prostitution allegations.



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