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Watch Local TV News Anchor's Priceless Reaction After Reporter's Double F-Bomb Is Aired by Mistake


Oh dear...


While it's unclear exactly how the mistake was made, Fox affiliate WHQ in Spokane, Wash., accidentally aired a reporter's profanity-laced take of a segment about strawberries.

"It's worth the drive and worth fighting this rain condition," WHQ reporter Lindsay Nadrich began. "F*** me, I can't even f***ing talk."

After the double f-bomb aired, the station immediately cut back to the in-studio anchor whose reaction was priceless. Her face looked like this:


There is some speculation that the report was not live and the mistake was made by WHQ's editing staff. The Huffington Post issued the following clarification to its story:

Clarification: Since publication, several media personalities, including Keith Olberman, have pointed out that it was an error in the editing booth, and that Nadrich did not make the gaffe on live television.

Watch the video below (WARNING! Strong language warning):

Nadrich is not the first, and certainly will not be the last reporter to gain temporary viral fame from profane news bloopers.



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