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(Update) Bill Maher says 'neocons' running Washington Post editorials


On his blog Tuesday, HBO Real Time host Bill Maher accused the Washington Post of wanting "to start World War 3."

"Apparently the neocons, both inside and outside the Post, wanted another crazy like [Mahmoud] Ahmadinijad to win [Iran's latest presidential election]," Maher wrote, "because then it's easier to start World War 3. So they're sad. But cheer up guys -- you still have Syria."

The Post editorialized earlier in June, ahead of Iran's election, that reformist candidate Hassan Rouhani "will not be allowed to win," apparently because Iran's election process is rigged to favor hardline conservative candidates, such as Ahmadinijad, the current president. Rouhani did win the election after all and the Post wrote a followup editorial, saying that it was "surprised" by the results. The editorial, however, was generally positive about Rouhani's win, hopeful he may stall Iran's development of nuclear weapons, contrary to Maher's claim that the Post wanted "to start World War 3."

We've requested comment from the Post regarding Maher's "neocon" label.

Update: A Post spokesperson got back to us after this item published. "We do not have anything to provide," she said.


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