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Here's the best way for you to waste five minutes today


TheBlaze Business Editor Becket Adams chatted me a link today that at first confused me, then fascinated me, then enthralled me, and then proceeded to take up a good few minutes of my time.

This is the link. If you don't want to just click into it, I'll describe what it is first.

It's a flash link with a killer whale that follows your mouse's every move. Move your mouse up, whale goes up. Move your mouse in a zigzag fashion, the whale will look like it's swimming. Move your mouse in circles, the whale will do a groovy happy dance. Center your mouse, the whale will be in the center of looking right at you as if he's about to charge out of your screen.

So go ahead, see if you don't get a bit obsessed with making the killer whale animation follow your cursor's every move like a cat following a laser pointer.

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