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C-SPAN Caller Educates NPR Reporter on Efforts to Sell Obamacare to Children: 'That's Not Something I've Heard About


"They're spending all this money going in the kids' schools, telling 'em to go home, tell mommy and daddy."

A C-SPAN caller called into the "Washington Journal" program on Monday and taught a seemingly pro-Obamacare NPR correspondent, Julie Rovner, about efforts to sell the new health care law to children in California. Rovner claimed she had not heard about such efforts.

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"I was just kind of curious about this health care deal. If it's such a good thing, why are you guys trying to push it through my children's school to come home and tell me that it's such a good plan? I don't believe in it," the caller, "Don," said.

"Matter of fact, I just got a hold of my good buddy Rush Limbaugh the other day. He's got a bumper sticker coming that says, 'Abolish Obamacare.' You know, I'm gonna fight it tooth and nail.  Like I said, the thing that gets me is when you're pushing it on my children to come home and talk to me about it. What a sad deal. What a sad deal," he added.

Limbaugh played the exchange on his radio show Monday and explained what the caller was referring to:

Now, what he's talking about is Covered California, which is another Democrat group. It's like the SEIU, the AFL-CIO, the NAALCP. Covered California is another group which is using the schools to proselytize for Obamacare via the exchanges.  Exchange money is going to a group called Covered California in addition to the others.  They are working on students in schools, and the caller is exactly right.

We mentioned this last week. Students are being sold on Obamacare, propagandized, and they are to go home and tell their parents how wonderful it is.  So this guy is calling C-SPAN to tell them about it.  You just heard his call.  Now, here is the reaction.  We've got here, after this guy called, one of the guest hosts is a guy named John McArdle, a C-SPAN guest host.  He said to the caller, "Don, Julie Rovner is a reporter with National Public Radio reports on these issues for NPR.  But Julie, have you heard about an effort to push it through schools?"

Rovner claimed she had never heard of an effort to push Obamacare in schools.

"That's something new to me," she said.

The caller continued to push the issue, specifically mentioning the initiative in Califorina.

"What are they doing out in California? What are they doing out in California? They're spending all this money going in the kids' schools, telling 'em to go home, tell mommy and daddy. Yeah," Don replied.

Again, Rovner only said, "That's not something I've heard about."

Read more about efforts to promote Obamacare in California schools here.


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