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How Would You React? Elephant Caught on Video Shattering Tourists' Car Window During Safari


"I think we lost the security deposit."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

German tourists on a safari in South Africa got a terrifying surprise when a several ton elephant sauntered over to say hello. After tappng the car's window, the glass shatters, leaving the tourists frightened and quickly driving away.

The video report showing footage of the scene taken by those in the vehicle puts the elephant at about five tons.

Before the elephant crashed their window, the tourists had been laughing at a cute baby pachyderm that had just fallen over. They then witnessed two adults having a tiff.

elephant glass (Image: YouTube screenshot)

At this point, one of the elephants said to be a bull set off in the direction of the car and touched the window with its tusk, causing it to immediately shatter.

elephant glass (Image: YouTube screenshot)

elephant glass (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The tourists were not injured in the incident but did speculate that they might have to pay for damages on the rented vehicle.

"I think we lost the security deposit," one of them said in German.

Watch the footage:

Although some reports have called the animal "enraged" at the time, others pointed out in a duplicate YouTube video that an angry elephant would have done much more damage.

"It’s not an enraged elephant. Otherwise it would’ve easily turned the car over on its side during the charge," the YouTube user Prototaloy wrote. "One passenger (or more) inside the car probably enticed the elephant to come close. Thinking that it’s getting a handout, the young bull elephant got too close that its tusk shattered the glass window. Note that the elephant quickly stepped back to indicate no hostility. The vehicle occupants were in no danger at all apart from being sprayed with broken glass."

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