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Beck Reveals Wild Details About How Upside-Down Acrobats in 'Man in the Moon' Didn't Pass Out


"Do you know how hard it is to unfold the flag while hanging in the air 55 feet upside down?"

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Glenn Beck revealed one of the secrets from his Saturday "Man in the Moon" spectacular on his radio program Monday -- namely, how the men suspended upside down for roughly eight minutes during the moving flag-raising at the show's open didn't pass out.

"It was so complex...To keep their blood going, [they were wearing] a suit -- underneath their suit was all the rigging -- and it went from below their knees to their neck. And it was like a jet suit that actually kind of kept your blood pumping so it wouldn't all go to their head and they wouldn't pass out.  So their whole suit underneath was rigging unlike I've ever seen before..."

(Photo: YouTube/Mike Opelka)

Beck said the live event was a little nerve-wracking, since the performers had never gotten through the entire scene without passing out, dropping the flag, or something equally alarming.

"Do you know how hard it is to unfold the flag while hanging in the air 55 feet upside down?" Beck's co-host Pat Gray said. "Because everything has to be done backward..."

However, Beck explained during the show that the upside down soldiers and flag were meant to symbolize a nation in distress.

"What part of 17 trillion dollars is not distressful?" he asked on radio Monday.  "What part of a country not obeying its own laws -- what part of that is not a nation in distress?  The NSA spying on its citizens and storing all of the information - what part of that is not distressful?"

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