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Obama Touts Plan for 'Smarter' Gov't: 'The Government Is Us


"We can’t just stand on the sidelines."

President Barack Obama on Monday announced his plans for a "smarter" and more efficient government.

The president in a short speech addressed those who think the government has become too bloated to perform its duties efficiently. He also spoke to those who have become distrustful of government due to the scandals involving the NSA, the IRS, and the DOJ.

The president promised he'd pursue an “aggressive management agenda that delivers a smarter, more innovative and more accountable government for its citizens.”

"We can’t just stand on the sidelines. We can’t take comfort in just being cynical. We all have a stake in government success -- because the government is us,” he said.

A few good examples of the government saving lives, the president continued, include programs that track health care costs and the weather.

The president added that poorly designed legislation is preventing U.S. lawmakers from streamlining government.

"We're doing a lot of this work administratively but unfortunately there are still a bunch of rules, a lot of legislation that has poorly designed some of our agencies and forces folks to engage in bureaucratic jump-hoop -- hoop jumping -- instead of just going ahead and focusing on mission and delivering good service to our citizens," he said.

Watch the president’s remarks [via the Washington Examiner]:

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