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Covered in Defecation': This May Be the Creepiest and Most Vile Peeping Tom Story You've Ever Read


"We were told that someone was stuck in the potty facility."

Peeping Toms are always creepy in that they covertly observe victims against their will and without their knowledge. But these antics become ever more troubling when certain voyeurs take extraordinary actions to engage in and fulfill their twisted and secretive conquests. Take, for instance, the allegations against Kenneth Webster Enlow, 52, a purported peeping Tom who reportedly hid inside a septic tank and stared up at women from beneath public toilets.

Yes, you read that correctly. After being discovered underneath a public restroom, Enlow has been charged with a peeping Tom complaint. He was caught in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, after a woman took her 7-year-old daughter to the bathroom at a local park.

When the got inside the bathroom, the mother and daughter duo were in for a surprise. Enlow was allegedly staring up at them from inside the toilet.

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Police were called to the scene and documented seeing Enlow standing inside the septic tank that serves the bathroom, KWTV-TV reports. He was then taken out of the hole and the Keystone Fire Department used a hose to clean him before detaining him.

"He went in there, climbed down in the septic and was looking up at the people utilizing that facility," Tulsa County Sheriff's Maj. Shannon Clark told the Associated Press.

Stuart Meyer, a witness, watched Enlow's removal from the septic tank from afar and corroborated some of these details in a television interview with KWTV-TV.

"We were told that someone was stuck in the potty facility," Meyer said, going on to describe the suspect as a person who was not small and who had a "medium chunkiness."

"I would expect he had to work to get in that hole," he said of Enlow. "When he first came out, he was covered in defecation."

Enlow apparently told police that his girlfriend Angel had hit him on the head and then dumped him in the septic tank, but police and medical professionals said that there were no injuries consistent with these claims. At the time that the woman and her child recognized that he was beneath the toilet, Enlow said that he was not conscious.

Now, he could be in big trouble. But the man already had outstanding warrants on unrelated charges. One, according to the AP, was a felony warrant from Okmulgee County. The case surrounded alleged embezzlement back in 1998.

Enlow's formal arraignment on his latest peeping Tom charge is set for July 15.

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