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Overruled': Judge Snaps at Zimmerman Atty After He Objects to Her Asking Whether Zimmerman Will Testify


The judge in George Zimmerman's murder trial had a contentious exchange with one of Zimmerman's defense attorneys Wednesday when he repeatedly objected to her asking his client whether he planned to testify in his own defense.

Judge Debra Nelson reminded Zimmerman that he was not required to testify, but when she asked whether he would like to, defense attorney Don West cut in, "I object your honor." Nelson overruled his objection before asking again.

"I object to that question -- " West repeated.

"Overruled! The court is entitled to inquire of Mr. Zimmerman's determination as to whether or not he wants to testify," Nelson said.

Watch below:

UPDATE: Zimmerman told the judge he will not testify.



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