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Irish MP Embroiled in 'Lap-Gate' Scandal After He Was Caught on Video Pulling Female Colleague Onto His Lap

Screengrab via Mediaite

Screengrab via Mediaite

Ireland's government has been considering a bill that would loosen the country's strong anti-abortion laws for women whose lives are deemed to be at risk. Amid the debate in the Irish Parliament on Thursday, MP Tom Barry was caught on camera pulling a female member of Parliament onto his lap for several seconds.

The controversy, which has infuriated many across the nation, has been labeled "lap-gate."

The incident was caught on video inside Parliament during a break in proceedings on Thursday, according to a report by ITN. The video clearly shows Barry pulling female Parliament member Aine Collins onto his lap seemingly against her will for a short period of time. She eventually gets loose but does not look happy.

"Barry’s political party, the center-right Fine Gael, has issued an apology for his conduct," Mediaite's Noah Rothman notes.

Nonetheless, the abortion bill was passed early Friday morning. The legislation legalizes terminations for the first time in Ireland for women whose lives are deemed to be at risk, including suicide.

Watch the video below via ITN:


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