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TV Co-Host Tells Brad Thor That Zimmerman Case Is Over 'When the Government Decides': Here's the Remix of Author's Tense Interview


"Well, when is it over Val?"


TheBlaze covered best-selling author Brad Thor's tense TV exchange on Chicago's "Windy City Live" last week, during which the author stood up for George Zimmerman's Second Amendment rights following his recent acquittal in Florida. Now, a new "remix" version of the gripping interview has been released, which adds entertaining commentary and graphics.

The clip also brings attention to a "chilling" comment made by one of the co-hosts that was seemingly overlooked the first time around.

Watch the remix of Thor's interview below via BulletPeople.com:

After standing firm on his offer to buy Zimmerman a gun to replace the one the Department of Justice is now holding as evidence in a potential civil rights case, Thor also made clear that it is up to Zimmerman alone to decide whether or not he wants to own a firearm.

"He's an American citizen, he gets to decide what's right for him," Thor said, again pointing out that Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

"After everything is over," co-host Val Warner chimed in.

"Well, when is it over Val?" Thor asked.

"When the government decides," she replied.


Brad Thor later called the comment "chilling" on Twitter.

Read TheBlaze's original report on the Chicago TV interview here.


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