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Forget Geraldo's Twitter 'Selfie' - Glenn Beck Posts His Own Bathroom Pic


"Racism at work once again"

By now, most of you have seen the Geraldo Rivera "selfie" picture that is still burning up the Internet. But have you see the response "selfie" from Glenn Beck?

You read that correctly. Sometime Sunday night, while unsupervised, Glenn Beck -- armed with his trusty iPad -- sneaked into his palatial bathroom to give the world a look at his 49-year-old body. Behold the results.

Glenn Beck tweets a selfie Glenn Beck's Twitter response to Geraldo's "selfie."

Not long after photo hit Twitter, the re-tweets and responses started coming in at a rapid pace. We have combed through them all (at least all that were available before dawn) and have posted a selection of our favorites. (You'll note that Mr. Beck also found time to respond to some of his more entertaining followers.)

Shock, surprise, and drinks shooting out of noses were popular reactions:

molk shoots out of nose

Like many regular Beck viewers/listeners, this fan wondered how Glenn's wife allowed this to happen...and what her reaction might be:

What did Tania say?

As one might expect, Glenn's wife had an opinion:

Glenn's wife reacts to twitter

And the race card was cheekily played almost instantly:

Many Beck fans were entertained by his antics:

Beck bathroom pic made me laugh

Beck's pic did not make me throw up

And while many seemed to enjoy or appreciate Beck's tweaking of Geraldo, a few were distracted by his surroundings:

Beck's bathroom gets noticed

reacting to Beck's bathroom

is that Liberace's bathroom?

One Liberace comment seemed to strike a nerve. However, it was not because the bathroom was compared to that of the late, very flamboyant entertainer:

Beck comments on Liberace line

Laughter, derision, cajoling and even tears were among the responses to the TV and radio host's Twitter picture:

Beck picture made me laugh

Beck answers cryer

We're betting that many Beck fans and detractors will find this photo to be quite inspirational and Twitter will yield even more clever responses. Of course TheBlaze will post them as we find them.

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