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Does the media want Weiner to win?


Despite the recent revelations of Anthony Weiner's continued sexting activities after resigning from Congress, Mediaite's Joe Concha argues today that the media are still hoping for a Weiner victory.

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In fact, Concha says the renewed scandal will do little to hurt Weiner's chances of being elected mayor:

Between Eliot Spitzer—the guy who paid obscene amounts of money for the professional services of a former Parker House regular named Ashley Duprerunning to become Comptroller of New York, and Weiner looking to be in charge of arguably the greatest city in the world, it certainly beats having to report on about pesky items such as budgets, taxes and security with those boring no-name candidates doing all the talking.

But can Weiner still win? You’re kidding, right? The way it works these days, his poll numbers willjump 5-7 points as a result of this latest revelation. The thought process from Weiner supporters is the following: If his wife–who must really, really want to be First Lady of New York–can continually forgive him, why shouldn’t they?

At last check, both Spitzer and Weiner were leading their respective races and showed no signs of relinquishing those leads. But now that today’s news is out…Weiner might as well start measuring the drapes at Gracie Mansion right now.

And the media—local and national—wouldn’t have it any other way. This is certainly another easy story to talk about in the world of cable news...

What do you think?  Will this week's news of Weiner's online antics hurt or help his election campaign?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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