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You're a Moron!': Panel Discussion on Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Devolves Into Explosive Screaming Match, Name-Calling


"I hate you."

(Comcast SportsNet)

A panel discussion on former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez and his old team quickly devolved into an intense screaming match between two commentators on Comcast SportsNet New England on Tuesday.

As Deadspin's Greg Howard points out, things were cool until a CSN New England panel of Lou Merloni, Gary Tanguay and Kirk Minihane "talked themselves into believing" that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will address the Hernandez case during a press conference that was scheduled a few days earlier than in previous years.

(Comcast SportsNet)

"Does Bill Belichick owe an explanation to Patriot fans, to the media, everybody watching on how and why a player under his watch is charged with murder?" Tanguay asked, setting a debate into motion that would end with "I hate you."

Minihane insisted that Belichick didn't owe anyone an explanation for Hernandez's actions any more than a Subway manager owed an explanation if one of his or her employees was accused murder.

It was at this point that the debate spiraled out of control and cohesive arguments turned into name-calling.

"To compare Bill Belichick to a manager at Subway, it's idiotic! You're a moron!" Tanguay shot back, later adding, "You're as cold-blooded as Belichick. You don't have a heart. You have no heart, you have no emotion. You're treating murder like the guy pulled a hamstring."

"Don't be a jerk," Minihane interjected.

"I'm not being a jerk! You're being a jerk because that's what you sound like!" Tanguay yelled.

Minihane went on his own diatribe, slamming his co-panelist for asking Belichick to apologize for something "he has no responsibility for."

Right before CSN cut to commercial, Minihane said under his breath, "I hate you."

"No you don't," Tanguay responded.

Watch the entire exchange via CSN below:

(H/T: Deadspin)


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