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Glenn Beck Goes Off on Salt Lake Tribune After Paper Defends 'Provocative' Commentary Bashing Him as 'Nazi Sympathizer


"A couple of small factual errors..."

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The Salt Lake Tribune published an editor column on Wednesday defending the recent publication of a reader-submitted, factually-challenged opinion piece insinuating Glenn Beck is a "Nazi sympathizer," in the words of Beck's radio co-host Pat Gray.  In the column, the Tribune's Tom Fitzpatrick reiterates the difference between news and commentary.

"[Alexandra Karl's] piece did have a couple of small factual errors that were corrected online and in a print correction..." the article admits.  "But otherwise questions about the piece are in the realm of opinion, although admittedly a provocative one."

Beck said on radio Thursday that he wouldn't have cared about Karl's op-ed regardless of how many facts it got wrong -- and Beck's fellow co-host Stu Burguiere pointed out on Twitter that it was a lot more than "a couple" -- had it not made such horrific insinuations regarding his character.

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Moreover, Beck said, one of the "couple" factual inaccuracies is at the crux of Karl's argument.

The woman claimed a number of the WW2-era items at Beck's "Independence Through History" museum came from Beck's "personal collection," though he doesn't even own them, saying: "Surely, harboring such items adheres to a personality cult and suggests a sympathizer rather than a critic."

"That is your case," Beck said incredulously. "Well, it's not me. I don't own them."

He pointed out the importance of preserving history to the self-described "art historian and educator," however, Gray asking how you can "never forget" unless you remember?

Gray added that the piece went far beyond "provocative," and speculated about whether the paper will run a "blistering" counter-opinion submitted by Michelle Malkin, who actually went to the museum.

"If you happen to be living there, why would you support people who are doing this?" Beck asked, encouraging people to cancel their subscriptions to the Salt Lake Tribune, and instead subscribe to the Deseret Morning News.

Watch the complete segment, below:

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