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Have You Seen the 12-Inch, 9,000-Calorie, $38 Burger?


It may not be the most expensive burger in the world, but at an eye-popping $38.20, this 20-patty Jack in the Box burger, nicknamed “The Kraken,” is definitely pricey.

Just look at it!

“I chose Jack in the Box because, having worked there before, I knew and tearfully appreciated how they honor American individualism by making exactly what you order,” the burger’s creator, YouTuber Beau Chevassus, explains. “Plus the people there are super-nice folks.”

His goal was to order the largest and most expensive single-stacked, freestanding burger from a major fast food chain. And it looks like he got what he wanted.

Beau Chevassus (screen grab).

With 20 patties, several strips of bacon, a slice of every cheese available, and multiple add-ons, Chevassus’ 9,044-calorie creation is approximately 12.5 inches tall.

“And yes, I will eat the whole thing,” he writes, “eventually.”

We’ll believe it when we see it. For now, we just want to admire the sheer beauty of the Jumbo Jack:


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(H/T: Devour). Featured image screen grab.



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