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A Flicker of Hope': Blaze Readers React to the Site's Biggest Story Ever -- on Ashton Kutcher's Inspiring Teen Choice Awards Speech


Good on ya Ashton!

Ashton Kutcher speaks onstage at the Teen Choice Awards 2013. (Credit: Getty Images)

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about an inspiring speech by Ashton Kutcher at the Teen Choice Awards. Kutcher spoke of hard work, staying smart, and building your own life...and it was TheBlaze's biggest story ever.

Ashton Kutcher speaks onstage at the Teen Choice Awards 2013. (Credit: Getty Images)

Here is what some readers had to say about the story:


Newly found respect. With age comes maturity. With maturity, wisdom.


I live in the area where he’s originally from. His old high school is right down the street from my church. Although I’ve never met him personally, he is always showing up back here in rural Iowa. He’s always showing up at a local high school football game, or at the mall or at a local bar. It seems he has been one who has not forgotten where he is from and is holding on to his roots. I don’t know about his political or religious views, but he’s still a pretty decent guy.


How totally responsible and real. I had assumed he was going to say “you are victims. And you have the right to housing, and food, and an iPhone. You can just go surfing and hang out, and I will give you all of the hard-earned money I can take from conservatives to ensure your lifestyle is fair. Fairness is something that conservatives hate. So they hate you. Remember that and have a good life.”

To the contrary.

This is the voice of a young man telling a story of hard work, perseverance, and earned success. I will never judge him again. It does not make "Two and Half Men" sound television, but I swear I will always think much higher of him then I did before reading this speech. The next thing we know people from his side of the world will say something about the divine. Like thanking God for one more day on this glorious plaything of His.


Wow. I wouldn’t have pegged him for giving a speech like this, but I am impressed. A flicker of hope for the younger generations, and I hope at least a few of the kids learn by his example.


I never liked this guy before. I always thought he was the same shallow narcissist as most other Hollywood twits that consider themselves STARS. But now, I might even catch his show on TV or rent one of his movies. It’s so refreshing to find some of the young possible-role models that have what most Americans ought to have… strong moral turpitude. Good on you, Chris… er, Ashton.

Puddle Duck

One thing bothers me with the tone of speech…..if he truly believes what he said, his given name should have been good enough for him. It’s puzzling to me at least. I realize the trend in Hollywood from day one was to change ones name to a more accessible “American” moniker (IE: Archibald Leech became Cary Grant) but this kid (and he is still a kid with a lot of growing up yet to do IMHO) does not strike me as in need of this kind of remake. He is American born, has I assume, a rather typical name…why was this name not good enough for him given his speech and it’s stance…..Strikes me as disingenuous although I truly hope Chris does believe what he just said at this award ceremony. What I would find annoying however is being thought of a teen idol well into my mid 30s…it’s time to grow all the way up Chris and leave childish things behind.


Sounds like maybe he’s sick of the ‘crap’ Hollywood and the government is throwing at young people these days. He obviously worked and worked HARD as a kid and his career didn’t just come to him with NO work either. It’s very refreshing to see a successful young man in the entertainment field come out and speak PLAINLY to the kids who admire him. Good on ya Ashton!


I can only hope seeds we planted and the Revolution of the mind is how change will come instead of destruction. I think it’s a little too late at this point however.

This was the everyday message and often-assumed way most Americans moved forward in this country. When I was knee-deep in this American era where hard work is what counted most and of course honesty, integrity, responsibility and accountability; these were the touchstones for everyday life which I experienced with each passing day from the first moments I could remember as a child in the 60s to about the late 90s when it was being replaced with self-entitlement, self-esteem and victim-hood.

These were creeping throughout these years and have totally saturated the culture. I was told over and over again as a blue-collar kid coming up in the gritty city of Cleveland, that if you show up on time, have a good attitude, listen and work hard that you will go far and inherit much. Today…..not so much. I washed cars, planted lettuce, stocked shelves all beginning at 15, delivered pizzas, did busboy work, painted cars and fixed jet engines. It all worked out well!

It took a little more than 30 years to destroy the America ethos; it will take another 30 to rebuild it. By then, those little brats will be around the age I am now, and they will be the bums on the corner with their hands out because they just could never come to terms with of what really works and what does not.


I was impressed. It was the most intelligent words coming out of Hollywood in a long time. Why don’t we just give him some credit instead of immediately trashing him for his past. Maybe, just maybe he has learned something. I hope so…because that would mean that we all have the potential to learn from our pasts and change how we act and think.


NOT BUYING IT!!!!!!!! I can’t believe Glenn, Rush and I’m sure Hannity are falling for this obvious promotion for Kutcher’s new movie. What he’s saying at this event we all know is true...does anyone with half a brain really think he (Kutcher) believes it? He did all he could to help get Obama get elected twice, so now we’re to believe he’s suddenly gone conservative? Think about it folks!


I’m convinced that he’s on some sort of high coming off the role as Steve Jobs. This is inconsistent with the roles and stances that he’s taken in the past. Nevertheless, credit goes where credit is due! Thanks Ashton for a much-needed message of inspiration for today’s youth.


I think something is happening too; at least I hope it is. I think the American people are starting to wake up. What worries me is how those in power will react to it.


I don’t think I’m as hopeful…..There is usually a reason why leftists make any statement…..The message I got is he is warning everyone that the days of the free lunch ticket may be over…..And the only way the left would allow that is if America’s ability to continue that trend is about to cease…..So the message I take is the decline is about to speed up.

I’m not a fan of Ashton Kutcher but I welcome his comments.

These are the right words that need to be said to the youth, and I hope it was not a one-time thing.

Hard work and honesty can help people of all classes, races and religions succeed in lifting themselves up and getting them on the road to being productive citizens who carry their own water.


It's about time someone in the media spotlight has something positive to say for all ages! it doesn’t matter if Ashton / Chris is a good actor or if he is rich or anything about his past relationships; it's a positive speech, and we need more of them…



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