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Arrogant Dishonesty': New York Daily News Blasts Eliot Spitzer in Editorial Endorsing His Opponent


The New York Daily News excoriated former governor and the now candidate for New York City Controller, Eliot Spitzer, in an editorial published late Saturday night endorsing his opponent.

The Daily News wrote "Eliot Spitzer runs for city controller with arrogant dishonesty," insisting the embattled politician lied to their editorial board while seeking their endorsement.

"Meeting with the Daily News Editorial Board on Thursday for an endorsement interview, Spitzer made definitively false statements in response to long-unanswered questions about the actions that put him at the heart of a federal investigation."

Eliot Spitzer Arthur Browne of the New York Daily News (left) questions Spitzer (right) during a meeting with the Editorial Board. (Photo credit: New York Daily News)

In 2008 federal investigators charged several Emperors Club representatives with money laundering and transporting women across state lines for prostitution. Investigators eventually identified Spitzer, then governor of New York, as "client 9,"  and revealed he had paid thousands of dollars for sex with prostitutes.

The Daily News, noting reports estimate Spitzer may have paid up to $100,000 on prostitution services, said the now candidate for city controller displays "the boldness of a man whose ego-driven character allows for forcefully denying reality while expecting the public to accept his word."

"Why?" the Daily News rhetorically asks. "Because Eliot Spitzer is Eliot Spitzer. What's changed since he fled the governorship as unfit for service is that Eliot Spitzer is five years older."

Concluding, the Daily News said their endorsement was "not a close call" and that his opponent, Scott Stringer, "is the Democrat for city controller."

On Saturday afternoon, the New York Post also endorsed Stringer, instructing New Yorkers to "vote Stringer & give 'Client 9' the hook."

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