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Al Jazeera Exposed: Glenn Beck Reveals Network's Origins & Airs Several Controversial Clips You May Not Have Seen


"It was born out of love and respect for Shariah Law, certainly not our Constitution or the freedom of man."

As Al Jazeera America now enters 48 million American homes, what exactly do you know about the network? Are you familiar with Al Jazeera's founding, or what exactly it airs overseas?

On his weekday television program Tuesday, Glenn Beck argued that "it matters who is behind the news." While everyone has a right to speak, Beck said it would be foolish to pretend the network is "just like the BBC."

"Al Jazeera is from Qatar, an oil-rich Arab nation under dictatorial rule," he began. "After the crown prince of Qatar overthrew his father in a coup, one of his first moves was to shut down the BBC's new Middle Eastern bureau. Why?  Because the BBC planned to do a documentary exposing executions under Shariah Law."

"It was born out of love and respect for Shariah Law, certainly not our Constitution or the freedom of man," Beck continued.

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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Beck proceeded to argue that Al Jazeera has "always been anti-American," and that slant has "really never gone away."

In the aftermath of 9/11, Beck noted, Al Jazeera was obtaining and airing tapes from terrorists and protecting their information.

"Think about how much faster we could've defeated and killed Bin Laden if they would've tipped us off who dropped off the tapes," Beck said. "Al Jazeera was the closest thing we had on Bin Laden, and instead of helping us, they helped him. They chose to spread his propaganda. The question you have to ask is -- why would a network do this?"

He answered: "Go back to their birth certificate. They are interested in the promotion and protection of Shariah Law. In over a decade they haven't changed, and the evidence of this is quite stark."

Beck proceeded to air some of the most disturbing comments from Al Jazeera's broadcasting, as seen below.

"Is this what Americans want?" he asked.

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV (Content Warning):

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"The good news is, there is another choice," Beck concluded. "It's a distinctly American choice. It's this one - it's TheBlaze...I know it's not very popular right now to like America or the Constitution, but we do."

"We have a bias that holds people that disagree with each other together, and that is the Constitution of the United States," he continued. "It requires me, unfortunately, to say that Al Jazeera has a right to be heard, and to be seen, in this country. It has a right to be carried on cable companies -- but so does this network."

"We will never attempt to snuff out another voice because we're afraid that they might win. But that means that we have to work harder," Beck continued. "That means that I have to ask you tonight to call your cable operator. Do not ever tell them to drop Al Jazeera, just tell them, 'We see what you've put on, that's cool. We would like the American channel. We would like the channel where the truth resides, TheBlaze.'"

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