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Talk Show Host Suddenly Removes Her Shirt, Bares Her Naked Breasts to Make Point During Interview with Mayor


"What are you doing?"

A Canadian talk show host removed her shirt and bared her naked chest during an interview with her city's mayor on Sunday, as a way to promote a woman's "right" to go topless in public.

Lori Welbourne, host of "On the Rocks Talk," was conducting an interview with Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray when she suddenly took off her shirt, revealing her bare breasts to the mayor.

"What are you doing?" Gray asked, in apparent shock.

"It's really hot in here," replied Welbourne.

"Really?" responded Gray, adding the temperature inside the room was "fine."

Welbourne then proceeded to ask Gray about city laws regarding going topless in public.

"Is it illegal?" she asked.

"Umm... no it's not," answered Gray, noting that former laws prohibiting the behavior were repealed.

Welbourne then pressed the mayor further, asking then "why do people not do it?"

"Well, there are lots of things people can do, but don't do because maybe they feel it's inappropriate," said Gray. "Things can be inappropriate but not necessarily be breaking the law."

Welbourne continued to press the mayor, who said the act of walking around shirtless may be distracting to others.

"I happen to find ear lobes incredibly distracting, Mr. Mayor and yours are currently very much on display right now," she said.

Gray jokingly countered that he could grow his hair out to cover his ears, if that would make Welbourne feel more comfortable.

Welbourne's topless stunt appeared to coincide with Sunday's "International Go Topless Day," an event advocating "topless rights for all."

(H/T: The Province)

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