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'Never Heard of That': College Students Unaware of Chris Lane Murder — But They Know About Trayvon Martin


"I don't know who Chris lane is"

Many students are informed about the Trayvon Martin shooting, but unaware about last week's murder of Australian student Chris Lane, a new YouTube video uploaded on Tuesday appeared to reveal.

In the video, Caleb Bonham, a video reporter for Campus Reform, asked students at the University of Colorado — Boulder for their thoughts on both the Trayvon Martin shooting and murder of Australian student Chris Lane.

"Do you believe the Trayvon Martin story received the national attention it deserves?" Bonham asked one student.

"Absolutely, I think so," replied the unidentified student.

Bonham then asked the same student if the "Chris Lane story has received the national attention that it deserves."

"Can you remind me which story that is?" the student responded.

Watch the video, courtesy of Campus Reform:

Others also seemed unaware of the Chris Lane murder.

"I don't know who Chris lane is," said a second student. "No. Never heard of that."

"I have actually never heard of the Chris lane story," said another.

"I'm not familiar with that story," yet another student said, adding "I've never heard of that" after Bonham explained the case to her.

Some students also speculated as to why President Obama has remained silent over Lane's killing, but commented on the Trayvon Martin shooting.

“Let’s be honest with ourselves” said one black student. “It’s a lot more in fashion to look at white guys and say they’re the bad guys and we’re the good guys because we play the victim.”

“It’s more fashionable to go ahead and say...a black guy got killed by a white guy,” he added. “But it’s definitely not fashionable to say black guys killed white people.”

(H/T: Campus Reform)

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