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Salon editor: Zimmerman 'enjoying his celebrity status


Now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted in the killing of Trayvon Martin, an unnarmed Florida teen, what's he supposed to do? Joan Walsh, editor-at-large of Salon, has a column in which she says he should "go away."

What does that even mean?  That he shouldn't hold a press conference or get his own show on Fox News?

He hasn't done that. All indications are that he hasn't sought any press. He hasn't given any post-acquittal interviews. He hasn't signed a book contract.

It was reported last week that Zimmerman was recently seen touring a gun factor in Florida and posed for a picture with the son of the factory's owner. There's no context to the picture, which appears to be a personal one, not meant for mass release. Even so, Walsh writes:

I’m sorry, America, we’re stuck with the Zimmermans. They won’t go away. Rather than recoil from his status as the man who shot an unarmed 17-year-old, George Zimmerman is enjoying his celebrity ...

That’s the kind of cluelessness that would lead a guy to tour the factory that made the gun he used to kill Martin, and to pose grinning with a star-struck factory worker like he’s Frank Sinatra visiting a local trattoria.

Don't ask what a trattoria is.

So, what's Zimmerman supposed to do aside from avoiding the media spotlight? That's all he can do and what he has done.

Robert Zimmerman, George's brother, is a different story. Walsh is right about him. He's not doing George any favors by spending all his time on Armed American Radio.


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