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Woman Refuses Abortion, Gives Birth to Miracle Baby After Waking Up From Months-Long Coma Following Horrific Accident


"They've warned me that they will have to break my back again..."

Photo Credit: Newsy/ITV

Gemma Holmes' story is one of tragedy, perseverance and personal sacrifice. Last September, while driving a scooter in Hilperton, England, the 26-year-old hit a parked car and was sent flying through the air and sustained life-threatening injuries. After almost dying and waking from a coma three months later, doctors delivered a shocking revelation: Holmes was nearly four months pregnant.

Despite the impact that led to brutal injuries to her back and body, her unborn child -- one she previously didn't know she was carrying -- survived (Holmes broke her back and sustained massive head injuries). In addition to the stunning pregnancy news, she also reportedly suffered amnesia and could not remember the last three years of her life, including the identity of her baby's father (she later located him).

Photo credit: Newsy/ITV

Despite requiring serious surgeries to fix her back, Holmes made a stunning decision: She planned to continue carrying her child, whom she referred to as a miracle. Doctors apparently suggested terminating the pregnancy while Holmes was still unconscious, but her mother, Julie, wanted to wait for her daughter to wake up before making any decisions.

"So many things went through my head but I wanted to wait until Gemma was awake to make the decision," the mother told ITV's "This Morning," according to the Daily Mail.

And that decision was likely wise, as her daughter had no intention of having an abortion.

When Holmes did finally wake up, doctors told her that moving forward with the pregnancy was safe, but with some caveats. With full knowledge that she would not be able to have corrective surgery to help her walk again until after she gave birth, she forged on with the pregnancy.

Additionally, she refrained from heavy-duty pain medications to ensure that she would not harm the unborn child -- another fascinating sacrifice worth noting. In May, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom she named Rueben Miracle Holmes.

There were some limitations on the chosen method of delivery: Holmes couldn't have her child naturally, as her brain injuries put her at risk should she choose to go through a normal labor. Plus, she was told that contractions would not be good for her back, she told the Daily Mail.

Newsy has more about the fascinating story:

In an article on Reveal.co.uk, Holmes described her pregnancy and future plans to finally correct the injuries her back sustained during last year's accident:

"With my surgery on hold, I could only have limited physiotherapy and had to remain in a wheelchair for the final five months of my pregnancy. To ease pressure on my back, I was induced on 2 May 2013, two weeks before my due date, and gave birth via Caesarean to a healthy little boy. Weighing 5lb 15oz, I named him Rueben Miracle William Holmes.

Doctors are giving me six months to breastfeed and bond with Rueben before they operate again. They've warned me that they will have to break my back again and put metal plates in, but if it means I'll be able to play with Rueben, it will be worth the agony.

Rueben is the best thing to ever happen to me. I may not remember how he came to me but I've got the rest of our lives to make up for that."

Holmes is still in a wheelchair, but is hopeful that she will one day be able to run and play with her son. She maintains that there is a reason why Reuben was born and is overtly content with her decision to have him, despite the odds stacked against her and the personal sacrifices she made in the process.

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