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Fla. Police Believe They Finally Nabbed the Infamous Burglar to the Stars


"Bottom line is, he is a thief."

Police in Florida believe they have apprehended the infamous “Burglar to the Stars,” a man suspected of multiple silver robberies, WKRN-TVreports.

Blane Nordahl after his arrest in Hilliard, Fla., Monday morning. He was charged with burglaries in Atlanta. (Lonnie Mason)

Police arrested Blane Nordahl, 51, early Monday morning. They believe he is connected to dozens of silver robberies involving celebrities including Bruce Springsteen and Ivana Trump.

"The only thing different about him and a petty crook is the value of the things he stole," Detective Tom Sexton told Nashville's News 2 Investigates.

Authorities say Nordahl focused primarily on lifting silver.

"Bottom line is, he is a thief," Sexton said. "He is not anything special or elaborate. He doesn't have a drug problem. He doesn't drink or smoke. He comes from a good family. He was living in a modest neighborhood under the radar."

Investigators said Nordahl’s life of crime spanned roughly 30 years, adding he may have stolen millions of dollars worth of silver.

Oddly enough, they add, Nordahl lived a relatively simple the entire time. Nothing fancy, nothing excessive.

Sources familiar with the case say Nordahl comes from a good family.

“His father was an artist and the portraitist for pop superstar Michael Jackson for decades,” the News 2 report notes.

“According to a 2000 article in U.S. News and World, more than 100 burglaries in 10 states are attributed to Nordahl,” it adds.

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