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Listen as Man Cancels DirecTV Service Because It Doesn't Carry TheBlaze – and Wait Until You Hear All the Special Offers He Turned Down on Principle!


"I think we are going to switch over to a provider that gives us those channels that we want."


A now-former DirecTV customer recently called the company to cancel his service because it has refused so far to offer TheBlaze in its channel lineup. Better yet, he recorded the entire interaction and posted the audio on YouTube.

Scott, presumably a big fan of TheBlaze, showed incredible discipline as he turned down special offer after special offer, choosing instead to stand by his principles. He even turned down NFL Sunday Ticket, which provides viewers access to every single NFL game. He admits that one was hard to turn down -- but he did anyway.

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After informing the DirecTV customer service rep that he is canceling his service because the company is seemingly unwilling to carry TheBlaze TV, Scott was then bombarded with the following offers:

• All of the movie channels free for two months

• The sports package free

• Lowering his bill from $105 to $72.99 a month

• Free HD for a year

• NFL Sunday Ticket at no extra cost

• New HD equipment

"I think we are going to switch over to a provider that gives us those channels that we want," Scott replied calmly.

"TheBlaze channel is something that you need, so I completely understand that," the customer service rep said, later asking, "Who does have TheBlaze channel? Because I have heard that a few times and wondering if it's exclusive to another provider."

DISH Network, Cablevision, Atwood Cable, BEK Communications and many other providers currently carry TheBlaze. Scott also noted that DirecTV now carries Al Jazeera America, but not TheBlaze.

You can make your voice heard by going to or calling 1-800-996-2529 and telling your cable provider that you want TheBlaze.


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