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MSNBC's Chis Hayes to ask Cory Booker about gay rumors


Just in from MSNBC:

MSNBC's Chris Hayes will speak [Thursday with] Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker about his run for the [U.S.] Senate, his position on stop and frisk and addresses rumor about his personal life.

The interview will air on “All In with Chris Hayes” at 8:00PM ET.

Booker's sexual orientation has long been a source of speculation and came up again in a recent Washington Post interview in which he said part of him thinks "it's wonderful" when others think he's gay. This way,  he said, he can challenge people on their homophobia.

Presumably, Booker will also be asked about his allegedly made-up friendT-Bone.

Update: Booker was asked about his continuing ambiguity on his sexuality. "It’s a ridiculous discussion,” he said. “The question really should not be whether I’m gay or straight. The question should be why the heck are you asking the question in the first place. It doesn’t make a whit of difference.” Booker also said that he has "affirmed my sexual orientation numerous times over the years. People in my local press world know exactly what that is."


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