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See the Nearly Full-Page Dentist Ad Mocking Obama on Syria


So what about that "red line"?

The English version of the dental ad (Image: Ahoy Creative Advertising Agency via Times of Israel)

An Israeli dentist is riding the wave of criticism of President Barack Obama over his vacillating on a decision to launch a military strike on Syria.

The 3/4 page ad for the Dr. Balan implant clinic published in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz features a photo of Obama with the Hebrew caption "Haven’t got any teeth?"

The English version of the dental ad (Image: Ahoy Creative Advertising Agency via Times of Israel)

According to the Times of Israel, the English version of the ad -- which was prepared by the same agency but was not published in the Hebrew paper -- has the the caption “Lost your bite?”

It’s notable that the ad appeared in the left-wing newspaper Haaretz, demonstrating just how widespread the criticism of Obama has been in Israel.

The Hebrew version of the ad was captioned ‘Haven’t got any teeth?’ (Image via Times of Israel)

Israel has said it is not party to the conflict in Syria and in fact any U.S. strike on Syria could have serious repercussions for Israel with both President Bashar Assad and Iran threatening to attack the Jewish State in the event of a U.S. military strike.

The criticism has been largely focused on Obama’s drawing a red line then delaying and seemingly reversing course by deferring to Congress, raising concern in Israel that the U.S. president won’t be resolute in facing Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Newspapers from across the political spectrum published analyses criticizing Obama not implementing the "red line" he set a year ago, suggesting President Bashar Assad would face military consequences were he to use chemical weapons. As TheBlaze reported, Israeli politicians over the weekend said Obama's move "sends the wrong message to Iran" and that "in Tehran, they’re opening the champagne."

The Islamic Republic’s march toward nuclear weapons is viewed in Israel as potentially posing an existential threat.

(H/T: Times of Israel)



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