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Enraged Kansas City Mom Apparently Beats Kindergarten Teacher After Her Son Tells a Big Lie


"...created a scene."

A Kansas City, Mo., mother was furious when her six-year-old son told her his teacher had hurt him, leaving a scratch on his neck.

So Simone Baker, 25, drove to Truman Elementary School Thursday, confronted her son’s teacher, confronted the school’s administrators, became enraged, and eventually hit the teacher in the face and rammed her head against a file cabinet, according to a Kansas City Police Department report.

The Hickman-Mills School District teacher suffered some minor bruises and swelling, the report adds.

The mother is, of course, in trouble with the authorities. But here’s the interesting twist: her son now claims the teacher didn’t actually hurt him. He told school officials Friday that he lied about where he got the scratch:


The teacher told law enforcement officials Baker entered her classroom "and wanted to talk to her about what her son stated (the teacher) did to him in class earlier today."

The teacher said she told Baker that she’d have to wait until the next day if she wanted to speak with her and the principal about the alleged incident.  Baker then reportedly went to the principal’s office, “created a scene,” and then returned to the teacher’s classroom and assaulted her.

"You better not touch my kid again," Baker allegedly shouted before attacking the teacher.

The furious mother charged the teacher and "struck her in the face with an open fist 5 to 10 times as she held" the teacher's arm down to her side, KCTV5 reports, citing the police account. She then grabbed the teacher "by her hair and picked her up out of the chair and struck her head against a file cabinet two times."

Baker fled the scene. Police have since issued a municipal citation for inflicting bodily injury and they are currently reviewing the school’s footage security. Baker is due in court on Oct. 22.

But considering this was all over a supposed lie told to her by her son, how much trouble do you suppose that kid’s in now?


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Featured image screen grab. This post and its headline have been corrected.


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