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Gee, Obama's foreign policy seems oddly familiar...


A new poll from Reason finds that an overwhelming majority of Americans now rate President Barack Obama's foreign policy prowess as on-par or worse than former President George W. Bush's.

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President Obama famously said he opposes “dumb wars.” Nearly three-quarters of Americans, 74 percent, say it would be “unwise” for the United States to launch airstrikes on Syria without the support of the United Nations or Great Britain. Just 17 percent say U.S. strikes on Syria would be wise.

When it comes to launching U.S. military action across the globe, 47 percent of Americans say the “political establishment in Washington D.C.”  is more likely to favor military action than they are. A majority of independents, 57 percent, say D.C. insiders are more likely to favor war than they are. In contrast, just 17 percent of Americans say the Beltway establishment is less likely to favor military action than they are, and 30 percent say the establishment favors war about the same amount as the public.

The Reason-Rupe poll conducted live interviews with 1013 adults on mobile (509) and landline (504) phones from September 4-8, 2013. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 3.7 percent. The poll’s sample was made up of 38 percent independents, 29 percent Democrats,  and 23 percent Republicans. Princeton Survey Research Associates International executed the nationwide Reason-Rupe survey.

Nearly two-thirds, 64 percent, of Americans say striking Syria is not necessary to protect America's credibility and national security, while 27 percent say a strike is necessary.

On the broad issue of foreign policy, 35 percent of Americans approve of the job President Obama is doing, whereas 58 percent disapprove.

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