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You're a Big Dips**t': Famed Country Singer Clashes With Westboro Protesters


"I just came out to see what hate looked like."

Country singer Vince Hill clashes with Westboro Protester (Photo Credit: YouTube User Sienna Stylish)

Every once in a while, Westboro Baptist Church, the anti-gay group that regularly captures headlines, elicits a response from the subjects of its oft-times harsh protests. On Sunday, famed country star Vince Gill was among those who refused to remain silent, as he confronted two church members in a back-and forth that was captured on video.

Country singer Vince Gill clashes with Westboro Protester (Photo Credit: YouTube User Sienna Stylish)

It's no secret that Westboro has a penchant for creating furor with its virulent protests, offensive one-liners and colorful and demeaning placards. Gill, though, wasn't willing to stand by and merely watch from the sidelines.

See, the group was apparently in Kansas City, Mo., to protest Gill's concert, claiming that he is an adulterer for divorcing his first wife and subsequently marrying Christian singer Amy Grant.

In the short clip a woman (a part of the church) is heard asking why Gill is interacting with the group. The singer responds, "I just came out to see what hate looked like."

Being labeled hateful, though, did little to dissuade the woman behind the camera, as she wasted no time launching into a personal attack, poking at Gill's marriage.

"Well, more importantly, what are you doing with another man's wife?," the woman asked.

Gill repeated that his quest is to see what hatred truly looks like and he initially ignores the jab about his marriage. But the woman wasn't ready to let the subject go.

The congregant then added, "Don't you know that divorce plus remarriage equals adultery. Jesus Christ said that."

It was at this point that Gill became somewhat agitated by the spectacle, as he told the woman and another man who was holding the typical Westboro signage exactly what he thinks of the group's tactics.

"You know what else he said? He said a lot of stuff about forgiveness, about grace grace -- you guys don't have any of it," Gill said, turning to a male protester and adding, "You're a big dips**t.

Watch the clash, below:

While many simply choose to ignore Westboro, Gill opted to engage. He likely didn't change the group's mind, but seeing someone stand up to the controversial church members is certainly interesting.

(H/T: Gawker)



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