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Colorado governor reacts to recalls: Just kidding about that gun control stuff!

Democratic state Sen. Angela Giron hugs a crying supporter after giving her concession speech after she lost in a recall vote in Pueblo, Colo. , Tuesday Sept. 10, 2013. Two Colorado state lawmakers who backed gun-control measures in the aftermath of the mass shootings in Colorado and Connecticut last year have been ousted in recall elections. (AP)

The voters have spoken and the governor might actually be listening... Cue the backtrack!

From 9News:

The day after Colorado's first ever recalls of sitting state lawmakers, Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colorado) appeared to distance himself from the debate over new gun control laws that prompted the special elections.

Speaking to reporters outside of his office Wednesday, Hickenlooper said he was "never as fired up" about the magazine limit bill he signed into law this year as he was over passing the law that expanded background checks.

Making a statement that shows a lack of enthusiasm for the bill is likely meant to soothe unaffiliated voters who feel that the gun control package was an overreach, says 9NEWS political analyst Floyd Ciruli.

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