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Peggy Noonan doubts 'chill man' Obama is that sad about dead children in Syria

Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan

Interesting theory on President Obama's handling of the ongoing civil war in Syria, brought to you by the Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan:

[T]here’s no nice way to say this: It is hard to believe such a chill man has such warm feelings about the sad end of strangers far away. I think this has been one of his big unspoken problems in the selling of his Syria policy. It is based to some degree on his emotional indignation, and it is not fully credible because it’s hard to believe he’s so moved.

Noonan also thinks Obama, who in an address to the nation Tuesday described the killing of government rebels in Syria by chemical weapons, shouldn't have done so in such graphic terms (ie. children "foaming at the mouth").

"Presidents shouldn’t say words and phrases like that," Noonan wrote on her blog after the speech. "He should have referred listeners and viewers to the easily available and highly graphic documentation of the attacks, and simply characterized them as the painful thing they are."


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