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Ride On, and Do It LOUD': Blaze Readers React to Motorcycles Rumbling to D.C. for 9/11 Rally


what idiots think they can tell bikers what they can and can't do?

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TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week featuring a series of photos and videos of bikers participating in the “2 Million Bikers to D.C.” rally.

(Source: 2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook page)

The rally was a way for motorcyclists to commemorate 9/11 and counter a planned Million Muslim March. Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about the inspiring convoy of riders.


I chuckled when I found out that DC had denied them. I’m sure they thought that would stop this rally.

Evidently our government does not understand bikers.

We are the modern day Cowboy. We believe in honor and brotherhood. We support our country.

DC forgot that the very first biker clubs were created by returning WWII vets. Our history is one of people who served, people who are patriots. No permit denial can stop us!


TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! This is the heartbeat of America; these men and women are the “Salt of America”…… if you are looking for brave and awesome soldiers they are riding to show all of America who we really are. We don’t all have bikes but our hearts are so touched when we see the thousands of men and women who won’t back down!!! God bless America for those of us who still believe in freedom and won’t back down!!!!! May God and his angels watch over all of you and keep you safe……..WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


This is NOT a ride to only honor those killed on 9-11, it is in PROTEST of the Million Muslim March in DC. Why doesn’t the media tell it like it really is? Are they afraid they will hurt Obama’s Muslim brotherhood's feelings?


I hope all of those involved in our government in D C will take a look out of their office windows when the bikers arrive. So that they can see what American Patriots look like. I also hope that they realize that for every biker they see, there are millions of us who are behind them and are fed up with this so-called president and his administration .God bless the bikers and bless their journey.


Father, I thank You for these Brave Patriots. Please Shield them Lord from all harm. Surround them with Your Holy Angels who minister to the heirs of Your Salvation. I thank You Lord that You go before them and Your Glory is their REAR GUARD. Please give them unity of mind and heart, and let Your Peace and Overflowing Joy drip off them like an Autumn Rain. Father, as these Blessed Children ride, in the name of Jesus let the fear of YOU FALL over Washington. Father let the ones who reject You be overcome by the dread of You. I pray for true repentance and true fear of Your Holy Presence to bring this city to its knees. Arrest by Your Spirit Lord all who have gone the way of men and resisted true Righteousness. Hold them captive Father and stay rebellious and carnal plans from fruition. Lord for those who will, draw them, woo them with the wonder of Your Love and Peace. In Jesus Name, AMEN!


I deeply despise loud pipes…with one exception.

Ride on, and do it LOUD (just don’t drive past my house in a high RPM)

Peace and be safe.


I hope these bikers, who I totally respect, show up in the numbers they are promoting. Furthermore, I hope every stop light they are at they rev their bikes up to remind every congressman who they work for.

To grant a Muslim organization permits and not these true patriots is absolutely treasonist, and I only hope they learn their lesson today.


Funny thing. You need a permit in order to occupy space in a public park, including the National Mall. But you need neither a permit nor permission to drive on any street in American unless that street closed to all traffic. In other words...what idiots think they can tell bikers what they can and can't do?


So…it’s to commemorate the 9/11 victims, and kinda sorta to counteract the million Muslim march…and they aren’t really going to go into DC so they don’t tie things up. Yeah, that will send a BIG message to Washington. I’d like to see over 2 million people of any kind refusing to leave until Obama is impeached, then I’d be happy. But oh…you can’t protest in DC even though it’s your Constitutional right. Neither the White House nor the Progressives give a rat’s bum if a bunch of bikers are riding through or near DC. That’s the sad truth. In the end it is meaningless, and if this is the best we can do, we’re doomed.


The ride reminds me of a funeral. We are respecting our fallen and know that our country is dying, too. Obama’s speech last night is asking us if we want to unplug life support (the Constitution) and just let him reign. Thank you bikers for standing in and up for Americans today.


I was really worried about America, especially when I saw that announcement of the Million Muslim March. And then I saw the 2 Million Bikers for America Ride announcement, and I realized there are way more solid Americans out there who LOVE this country than I thought. They just don’t open their mouths much until they are upset. Bikers are like that. I’d rather have a biker on MY side than against me. I know a bunch of the, and they are good friends to have. I am proud of our biker friends, especially our Patriot Guards. Gentlemen (and ladies) I salute you! My heart is there with you in D.C. today. I would be there in person if I could. Thank you for restoring my faith in our freedoms and those who will stand to protect them because they are good and right.



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