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We Seem to Be Surrounding Them': Glenn Beck Asks If We Are Still Preparing for a Syria Strike
(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

We Seem to Be Surrounding Them': Glenn Beck Asks If We Are Still Preparing for a Syria Strike

"What are we really doing there?"

Glenn Beck said on his weekday television program Monday that "something is wrong" with regard to the situation in Syria, and "it doesn't appear as though the president is holding out much hope for the diplomatic solution to be successful."

His own sources and various media reports indicate an enhanced military presence in Turkey and Jordan, Beck said, "and we are sending the signal that a military strike against Assad is still a very possible outcome, despite Vladimir Putin's supposed heroics."

After detailing the equipment and numbers of troops reported on the borders, Beck said it seems like we are "surrounding" them.

"This doesn't seem -- what was it that [John Kerry] called it?  An 'unbelievably small' operation?  It sure doesn't sound like it," he said.

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

But more than that, Beck added: "A report earlier this year prepared by the Department of Defense...estimated that if you want to take out [Assad's] chemical weapons, it would require 75,000 boots on the ground75,000 just to secure his chemical weapons stockpiles."

"The current show of force, which is becoming more impressive each day, isn't nearly enough to change anything with regard to Assad's ability to use chemical weapons," Beck added.  "If that's true, then what are we really doing there?"  

He brought in TheBlaze's national security adviser Buck Sexton to weigh in on the subject, who pointed out that the conflict in Syria now encompasses much of the region, including Iran.

"The Obama administration for a number of reasons could find itself in a place where they decide that they're going to strike," Sexton said.  "The question is, will that be Syria, which it looks like they've backed down from, or at some point -- what happens here with Iran?  President Obama must recognize that if Iran is able to test a nuclear device while he is in the Oval Office, Democrats will lose the confidence of the American people in national security [for] years -- never mind what it means for [Israeli] security, for Saudi security, what it means for Iran to go nuclear."

"This whole region, Glenn, is already in the war, that's what people need to understand," Sexton emphasized.  "It's not one country; it is many countries that are actively involved.  They are combatants in what is happening in Syria."

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